Tsubaki-hana Gareden

The Tsubaki-hana Garden is a private property owned and run by Takashi Yamashita,
the president of the Green Kikaku Co. Ltd. In a natural forest of a total area of 17.5
hectors, planting camellia cultivars was started from around 1970. We have many
visitors coming to enjoy not only the camellia flowers during the blooming season but
also the beautiful scenery behind camellias even in the off-season.

In our Garden we have an observatory called‘Fujimi-ga-oka’ (‘Mt. Fuji-watching Hill’)
which we are especially proud of. We intentionallyselected early blooming plants from
wild Camellia japonica and planted them with early bloomingcultivars on the Hill.
Those wild camellias are in full bloom as early as in the middle of October. Almost all
the visitors are fascinated with the beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji as a background ofour
garden. Please imagine the red flower and green bushes of wild japonicas in front of
the blue Pacific Oceanthe Izu Peninsula and the Mt. Fuji capped by white snow. We
also have a memorial camellia collection by the late Mr. Saburou Yokoyama, a former
president of the Japan Camellia Society.

We accept a lot of guests visiting our Garden especially during Ôshima Camellia
Festival, the largest annual event in Ôshima. We especially place emphasis on the
continuity of running our Garden. We have determined to maintain the camellias of our
Garden in a good condition for many years, to succeed the culture of camellias which
took root in Ôshima and to convey the fascinations of camellias to the people both
foreign and domestic.

You can see information about when each tree blooms here !

Open: 9:00am – 3:00pm (Varies by season)

Wednesday and Thursday (During December)

Admission fee: Adults / 950yen  Children / 500yen
     Group (31 or more) … Adults / 850 yen Children / 450yen

Access: Takes about 10 minutes by bus from Motomachi port or Okata port.